Lindsey’s birthday weekend

I think I should start this entry by saying what I did at the tail end of
last week. Namely, a bit of shopping on Thursday evening (including buying
The Animatrix DVD) followed by Buffy and angel. Friday evening was spent
partly at happy hour and partly packing for Saturday’s journey to Liverpool…

Which brings us to Saturday morning. It was a 6:30am start. This is, of course,
far too early to start a Saturday. Half way through showering I hear a knock
on my front door. it was Tom (xencat) who had turned up rather earlier than
I’d expected, so I settled him down in front of the TV with the HiFi set
to full surround sound and stuff the Animatrix on the DVD while I went back
upstairs and finished getting ready.

We left the house at about 7:30, trundled up to Tescos to get goodies for
the barbecue later in the day and discussed bicycles. From there is was a
quick garage stop to give my car a breakfast of Super Unleaded before heading
off to Liverpool.

The journey up wasn’t too bad. Not that much traffic and no hold-ups to really
meantion. We stopped off north of Birmingham for a comfort break and to grab
some not very fast food in the Burger King before toddling off again. We
finally made Lindsey’s house at about 11:30.

Most of the afternoon was spent either trying desparately to get their barbecues
to make any heat and  cooking. Still, the company was nice. After returning
from a little amble around a local park I made some chocolate stuffed bananas
on the BBQ and all seemed to enjoy them even though they weren’t very hot.

The evening was spent in a local pub with some mor eof Lindsey’s friends.
Unfortunately, Lindsey got a headache and most of us were far too tired to
stay late or stay up and talk, so it was a pretty early night in the end,
and i didn’t need the pajamas either. Unfortunately, I had drunk rather too
much cola, so most of the night was spent running to the loo, so I didn’t
get a great deal of sleep.

Sunday dawned.. or rather it squidged, as it was a bit wet. By midday, Steph
and Mel had left (after replacing a flat tyre) so Lindsey, Tom and myself
went off into Liverpool to shop. Typically, as we came out of the car park,
the heavens opened. Thankfully, I had my big Saab umbrella, so only Lindsey’s
shoulder and the bottoms of my trouser legs actually got wet.

After some lunch and Tom having a massive spending spree in HMV (hey, that
rhymes!) we drove back to Lindsey’s place, we dropped her off and then I
drove home.

Having got home at about 5:30pm I collapsed in an arm chair and failed to move all night, well other than to go to bed.

Today, I have no IQ whatsoever. i think I should have stayed in bed.