afternoon the details of my Nildram ADSL account arrived, which means that
my line passed its tests. However, the activation date is Friday, not Thursday
as first told. At least it IS this week.

As for work thingies.. I’m having to sit here quite late tonight hand holding
the A0 printer so that people going to the American Geophysical Union’s fall
meeting in SanFransisco can print their posters out just before they go off
to catch their plane. It doesn’t help that I’m feeling so very tired at the
moment for some unknown reason.

The tiredness came on all of a sudden at about 3:30pm. I have no idea why.

As expected…

as I expected, BT rang me up mid-morning, failed to find me in my office
and left a voisemail. “We have done a test on your line from the exchange
and can find no faults. If you have any other problems please call us on
0800 679 849.”

Well, it’s obvious that the approx 50Hz hum with overtones which go in and
out of phase it merely a figment of my and my modem’s imagination. If BT’s
wonderful diagnostic kit in their exchanges can’t find anything wrong then
obviously it must be an illusion, right?

I’ve been trying to phone the number they gave in the call to try to get
them to send out an engineer to my house so he can hear the dillusional noise
on the line as well. The problem is that the number is constantly engaged.
Maybe BT’s call centre has a fault on the line.

BT. Lovely BT.

Since last week I’ve phoned up the BT fault reporting line a couple of times to check out my poor phone line, hoping that they would find and fix the quality before the ADSL tests were done.

One good thing is that I actually could get through. The last time I managed to get through the person who did a line test failed to cancel it on the call system. This menat that for the next 6 months when I tried to replort the fault I never got the opportunity as the BT phone system would tell me that a test was in progress, so I didn’t get to a human. I gave up after 6 months. Maybe after 18 months to 2 years the system times out.

This evening I finally got them to recognise that there WAS a problem with the line. They say it should be tested and fixed by tomorrow afternoon. Of course, if they are true to their 3-4 day period for testing my line for ADSL this line problem fixture will have missed the window. I hope BT haven’t now marked my line as not ADSL capable and that this stigma isn’t set in stone if the test was done while there’s a line fault.

Am I too much of a pesimist where BT are concerned?