Drab winter mornings.

The drab, cold, dark winter morning this morning has really got me a bit down int he dumps today. I have no enthusiasm for anything. I found it very hard to get out of bed or convince my body that it was anything other than nighttime.

My social life is pretty much in a waiting pattern again with the light at the end of the tunnel being a probable visit to Rachel, Graham & Chistopher next weekend, the dept. Christmas party in a little under two weeks and (hopefully) going to see The Two Towers in a fortnight, if I manage to book tickets for it today.

Life seems so grey when the weather’s grey.

Still, this weekend I can pre-occupy myself with getting my main computer set up as a mail hub. I understand now that I have to ask Nildram to check that my machine won’t be an open mail relay before they allow access. However, it does seem strange that they allow SMTP connections in, they just don’t allow the ACK packets out. I managed to inject some mail into my system from outside last night by guessing what the program wanted even if there was no reply, so their firewalling seems a bit flawed.