Good vibrations..

Or rather.. good, high frequency signals over copper telephone wires.

I got home at 8:05pm, plugged in the details set to me by Nildram for the ADSL, expecting nothing to happen as the line isn’t due to come online ’til Friday.. Hit the “Connect” button for the hell of it and was surprised to discover that it worked!

So now I’m ADSL’d!


afternoon the details of my Nildram ADSL account arrived, which means that
my line passed its tests. However, the activation date is Friday, not Thursday
as first told. At least it IS this week.

As for work thingies.. I’m having to sit here quite late tonight hand holding
the A0 printer so that people going to the American Geophysical Union’s fall
meeting in SanFransisco can print their posters out just before they go off
to catch their plane. It doesn’t help that I’m feeling so very tired at the
moment for some unknown reason.

The tiredness came on all of a sudden at about 3:30pm. I have no idea why.