BT. Lovely BT.

Since last week I’ve phoned up the BT fault reporting line a couple of times to check out my poor phone line, hoping that they would find and fix the quality before the ADSL tests were done.

One good thing is that I actually could get through. The last time I managed to get through the person who did a line test failed to cancel it on the call system. This menat that for the next 6 months when I tried to replort the fault I never got the opportunity as the BT phone system would tell me that a test was in progress, so I didn’t get to a human. I gave up after 6 months. Maybe after 18 months to 2 years the system times out.

This evening I finally got them to recognise that there WAS a problem with the line. They say it should be tested and fixed by tomorrow afternoon. Of course, if they are true to their 3-4 day period for testing my line for ADSL this line problem fixture will have missed the window. I hope BT haven’t now marked my line as not ADSL capable and that this stigma isn’t set in stone if the test was done while there’s a line fault.

Am I too much of a pesimist where BT are concerned?