Saturday evening…

So, what am I doing here sitting at my desk at work?

Well, I’m certainly not working, that’s for sure.

fact I’m attempting to create a gallery of pitcures on a web page and it’s
far more convenient to transport the pictures here on a ZIP disk than spend
days uploading them via the modem. It’s also far simpler to play with the
images and things locally than over a slow modem link.

I’m not using
the Gallery PHP script things ‘cos our web server won’t run it (it needs
the rewrite module and we have this disabled and we don’t allow user CGI
scripting for security reasons. So, I’m using the KDE 3.0 thumbnail stuff
and then re-writing the page produced by that.

You can have a look at the results here and here.

Anyway, what’s been happening this week?

I’ve been very busy witht he department opendays, Wednesday was the teachers
openday and thursday & friday were the student ones. It would have helped
if the whole design and installation hadn’t happened on tuesday afternoon,
so I had to stay ’til 8pm to get the machiens moved, in place, reconfigured
etc. ready for the wednesday morning.

Wednesday evening was spent
at the departmental not-the-undergraduate-annual-dinner, which isn’t actually
annual yet as this was the first one.. quite fun.

The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur due to lack of sleep from tuesday wednesday etc. Oh well.

Anyway, enjoy the photos.. all made using my new camera, of course.

Nought in particular

I’ve been meaning to update my journal and had things to say but not the time to type them in. Now I have the time I can’t remember what I wanted to say.. typical, eh?

New camera.. woohoo!

Well, it’s been an eventful couple of days.

Firstly, while cycling home last night I was hit from behind by another cyclist (I was stationary). This managed to break both front and rear wheels, the front caliper and the saddle. The bloke who did this says he’s going to pay for the repairs.. seeing as the repair cost £131 I’m not sure how this will go down.

I’ve got my matress.. It arrived at 13:45. I did manage to get home in time dispite being on my back-up bike and the bed shop not phoning me to tell me when they were going to deliver.. I had to phone them to find out instead.

I’ve got my new camera!!!! 😉

I had to go up to the courier’s offices to do so, but that’s only about 1.5 miles away so it wasn’t a problem.

Anyway, first light on the camera produced these shots though they have suffered a bit of aliasing witht he basic software I used to downsize them to 1024×770 pixels. I’ll have to find some better software.

It’s going to take me a whole to learn all the functions as there are SO many different modes of operation.


Let’s see.. what wild and radical things have I been up to.

other than ordering a new digital camera, failing to get a local shop to
lower thier price for the camera and going and hanging out with some friends
on Sunday, not a lot.

I did spend a lot of yesterday in an e-mail
conversation with the sales people at trying to get
my credit card details to work and finally had to phone up my credit card
company to sort it out. (The credit card company wanted me to authorised
the payment before they let it through but didn’t want to bother phoning
me or anything!)

Anyway, it means that by Thursday I should have my
new Fuji
Finepix S602 Zoom
camera. Securicor will try to deliver it to my
house tomorrow but I won’t be there, so I’ll ave to get it redirected to
work on Thursday. Anyway, I’m happy.. I got the camera at £200 less than
list price and £140 less than Morris Photographic would sell it to me for
(and they boasted that they were £10 cheaper than Jessop’s).

seeing as I’m going to have to stay at home for part of tomorrow to allow
the delivery of my new matress I’ve ordered, I might get the camera tomorrow.
You never know. (My old matress is a flimsy, cheap thing and all the padding
has fallen through the springs, so it’s all springs and no padding.. I’m

currently using a couple of blankets to cushion it.. it’ll be SO nice to
sleep on a nice matress again!)


I forgot to add the obligatory geek toy! geek toy! bit. 🙂

Oooo.. toys..

Well, I have a feeling that I might be having an urge to buy a digital camera soon. I think it’s about time the things have settled down and become mature enough technology.

I’ve had a look around and the Fuji FinePix S602 Zoom looks very attractive.. it’s brand new and is an improved model of one of the better reviewed digital cameras recently.

What I’ve missed since I’ve not had access to my dad’s Practika SLR. The cheap, £50 Panasonic instamatic I’ve had for 10 years just doesn’t cut it when it comes to proper photography as it’s point and click with no control, plus no through the lens viewfinder.

I’ve found the camera being sold for about £540 but will probably need a bigger smartmedia or microdrive for it to be properly usable.

Anyone got a padded cell?

come to a conclusion I’m going through a bit of a foot-in-mouth disease,
at least on LiveJournal when commenting in some other journals.

as to not cause more faux pas I’ve decided that I should remove those people
who’s journals I’ve accidently said things others have thought were offensive
from my friends list so that I don’t feel tempted to comment in them.

decision was mostly due to an incident last week which I’m still pretty angry
about where someone wrongly extrapolated an impersonal, tongue in cheek comment
and took it personally. It’s also to do with a number of other incidents.

For those people I de-friend on here, please dont take this as a personal affront, I still like you.

PS. Smiddly, if you’re reading this, sorry for cluttering up your journal a number of times.