It’s been a while…

Well, actually a week since my last entry. Let’s see what’s happened.

Friday evening my parents arrived from Cornwall, I was nicely fed and watered. We then watched one of my DVD’s. (I can’t remember which one.)

Saturday was spent driving up to my Nan and Uncle’s place in Ilkeston, Derbyshire to visit them and then driving home again. My Nan seemed rather more gaunt, deaf and somewhat more forgetful than when I last visited. She’s 98. My Uncle, who’s my mum’s younger brother lives with her and is, if anything, less spritely. he shuffles about at such a slow speed. My Nan seems to do more of the house work than he does even though she’s got failing eyesight on top of the deafness and forgetfulness.

Sunday morning and early afternoon were nothing special other than having a nice roast lunch. Later in the afternoon my Aunt & Uncle from Enfield (northern edge of the London conurbation) arrived. (They are my dad’s elder brother and his wife.) There was much talking followed by a very traditional tea of old-fashioned salad (lettuce, beetroot, tomato, cheese, white sliced bread, pork pies) and then we watched another of my DVD’s (In the Line of Fire). They left at about 8pm.

Monday morning was pretty lazy. In the early afternoon we went off to B&Q in Abingdon to get some paint and other supplies so as to repaint my front and side doors. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t brilliant so we couldn’t do much other than rub down the paint on the side door. Oh, and in the evening we watched another DVD.. I can’t remember which.

Tuesday was spent doing house things such as painting the side door, building a support for my apple tree, pruning the bramble and cutting down a blackthorn bush which a bird had planted rather too close to the house. In the evening, you guessed it, it was DVD watching again (The Fifth Element).

My parents left yesterday morning, taking my old telly with tham as it’s newer than my older Sony telly they have been using which is slowly dying. It was also back to work.. and then the weather decided it didn’t like me at all and REALLY poured down in time for me to cycle home and get drenched. Oh well.

Today’s been pretty uneventful.

So, that’s it.. you’re now up to date.

I must try to arrange with people to go see Spiderman when it properly comes out next week.

7 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

        • Not sure they had dvd’s in wodehouse, and unfortunatly Steve doesn’t have servants quarters in his house 🙂
          Haaving said that Steve might still want to change his name to Bertie Wooster in the vain hope that a butler turns up to cook his dinner, clean etc 🙂

          • well he isn’t trying hard enough is he….tsk.

            it is a nice thought on a occasion to have fantasies of being such a twit you have some nice sublime valet take care of you, while all you worry about is girls, the drone club, and avoiding aunt agatha.

          • Why assume Steve needs servants to complete the picture? Don’t you think he had the solid, reliable stature of Jeeves?

            Perhaps he just needs Bertie Wooster’s website and network to maintain. 😉 IT admin isn’t too dissimilar from a life in service. And I’m sure there must be lots of proto-Bertie’s in Oxford if anywhere.

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