Let’s see.. what wild and radical things have I been up to.

other than ordering a new digital camera, failing to get a local shop to
lower thier price for the camera and going and hanging out with some friends
on Sunday, not a lot.

I did spend a lot of yesterday in an e-mail
conversation with the sales people at trying to get
my credit card details to work and finally had to phone up my credit card
company to sort it out. (The credit card company wanted me to authorised
the payment before they let it through but didn’t want to bother phoning
me or anything!)

Anyway, it means that by Thursday I should have my
new Fuji
Finepix S602 Zoom
camera. Securicor will try to deliver it to my
house tomorrow but I won’t be there, so I’ll ave to get it redirected to
work on Thursday. Anyway, I’m happy.. I got the camera at £200 less than
list price and £140 less than Morris Photographic would sell it to me for
(and they boasted that they were £10 cheaper than Jessop’s).

seeing as I’m going to have to stay at home for part of tomorrow to allow
the delivery of my new matress I’ve ordered, I might get the camera tomorrow.
You never know. (My old matress is a flimsy, cheap thing and all the padding
has fallen through the springs, so it’s all springs and no padding.. I’m

currently using a couple of blankets to cushion it.. it’ll be SO nice to
sleep on a nice matress again!)


I forgot to add the obligatory geek toy! geek toy! bit. 🙂