(Almost) weekly update

Seeing as I’ve not got LiveLizard working satisfactorally there’s no real reason why I shouldn’t update my journal.

Let’s see, what’s happened since last time I typed..

morning at work was punctuated by a paniced call.. “Could you come down to
the lecture theatre and fix the projector so it works with the video? Help!”
Yes, you guessed it, they wanted the digital projector set up as a big telly
for the world cup match. After some soldering of plugs and changing the projector
from NTSC to Auto mode, everythign worked fine. Seeing as everyone else was
watching the match I decided to tag along. For a football match, it was reasonably
entertaining. I did pop out to get my baguette in the middle of the first
half and heard the goal being scored on the radio in the shop.

night I spent a whole lot too much time talking at the departmental happy
hour. I didn’t get to leave until about 7:45, far too late to go do my weekly
shopping at Sainsbury’s in preparation for my trip to Liverpool on Saturday..

morning I got up half an hour earlier than normal to get ready and pack fro
my trip up to see Lindsey in Crosby. I finally managed to start off at 9am,
getting to her place by about 12:30pm. I managed to stop off at one of the
services on the M6 to “powder my nose” and to buy Lindsey a birthday card.

arrival I was greeted by a cup of weak, milky tea. Lindsey likes to show
the teabag to the hot water from the other side of the room.. It’s that weak!

a little time chatting and drinking tea, we set off for Woolworth’s to get
the two disposable BBQ’s (one meat and one veggie) and some cheese slices.
After we got back to her place we waited around for all the other people
to arrive. I think Matthew was the first, followed by various other people
including Clive.

Anyway. Of the male guests there, only myself and
Jim were not ex-boyfriends of Lindsey. This made for an interesting evening
where the various ex’s ganged up and teased Lindsey and the various current
girlfriends ganged up with Lindsey to tease back.

Much fun was had..
followed by going to bed. I had been given a half deflated airbed to sleep
on, which I couldn’t pump up futher because Jim had borrowed my footpump
as he’d left an importnt part of his back in Aberystwyth. Oh well.

at just before 4am I get a knock ont he door and Lindsey asks if I’d like
to go see the sun rise.. I said ok.. so we all trundled off down to the sand
dunes on the coast where we watched swifts swarm, larks lark about and kestrels
hunt. Unfortunately, because it was cloudy we merely saw the clouds get lighter
rather than a sunrise.

So, it was back to bed at 5am and up again at 10.

tea drinking and breakfast eating ensued until Matthew and myself were asked
to leave at midday as Lindsey needed a bath and a sleep before she recorded
things in the afternoon.

I popped over to Mel’s place to recover my
footpump. It would have helped if I’d have the right house number in my records,
but eventually I found the house. The cat tried to show me the right house
but I didn’t recognise the cat. In the end Eddie found me instead.

it turns out it was fortuitous that I had popped around as Mel had made a
roast chicken lunch but all those she had made it for had decided to leave.
Jim & Katrin because they needed to get back home before the shops closed
and Clive and Pepsi because Pepsi wasn’t feeling well. So, I got to have
a rather nice lunch . 🙂

The journey home was panctuated by stops
at various services to pee and drink coffee (The Costa’s Coffee place at
Knutsford services doesn’t know how to make a latte by the way). Oh, and
a detour from Junction 11 to Junction 7 on A roads to avoid stationary traffic.

got home, flaked out and finally went to bed at 9pm.. sleeping through ’til
8am.. 30 minutes late, but it doesn’t matter really.

Yesterday wass a NULL day, really.

nothing exciting has happened yet, though I’ve been invited by a 4th year
undergrad to help her celebrate finishing her exams along with her boyfriend
and other friends this evening, starting at 4:30. That might be fun.

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