Woot! I have net access!

Yes, I have now got perminent net access from the room I’m staying in the Tromsø so I can start updating things.

I’ve already created a new Gallery album and have uploaded all of the best images I’ve taken so far. (The northern lights photos are on page 3.)

Oh, and Alec, I seem to remember you visiting these tents during your northern excursion last year:

Am I correct?

Tromsø Diary: Part 11

The morning was taken up with beaurocracy and trying to figure out how to use automatic petrol pumps when all the instructions are in a foreign language. Still, at the end of it I had a temporary account with the University of Tromsø (UiTø) which allowed me to connect my iBook to the network connection in my room (a net connection at last!), a full tank of diesel in the car and milk in the fridge.
The rest of the morning (which wasn’t good weather-wise) was taken up talking on Bullet and testing out Skype with my Dad, who has been sorely missing a conversation with someone who can talk back normally as my Mum is not able to do this anymore. Oh, and I started uploading the best of the photos I’d taken to my Gallery at home.
So, it was now the afternoon, the weather had cleared up and looking at which direction the weather was coming from I decided to re-trace my steps on Saturday evening and head north towards Hansnes.
What a difference the weather can make to a journey. On Saturday evening it seemed to take forever, I couldn’t see anything and the rain was pouring down. Now, with the sun shining it didn’t seem to take long at all to get to the point I turned around. A couple of miles later I turned left and up, up, up at Hessfjord and drove along the road to Mikkelvik.
The scenery is spectacular up there, with lakes, inlets, mountains etc. It was definitely a good move to take that road. The light in the afternoon, playing on the autumnal golden leaves was beautiful and made it a photographer’s dream, especially as the sun sank lower.
Returning, I drove back into the cloud and by the time I’d got back to Tromsø the roads were wet again. My house mate informed me that it had been raining in the town since about 4pm.. about the time I was getting the best photos in the sunlight up north, so I’d definitely made the right choice of location for the afternoon.
The evening was spent on a combination of uploading the rest of the photos and talking to Alec and my Dad on Skype.