Woot! I have net access!

Yes, I have now got perminent net access from the room I’m staying in the Tromsø so I can start updating things.

I’ve already created a new Gallery album and have uploaded all of the best images I’ve taken so far. (The northern lights photos are on page 3.)

Oh, and Alec, I seem to remember you visiting these tents during your northern excursion last year:

Am I correct?

3 thoughts on “Woot! I have net access!

  1. gorgeous piccies

    Ah! Superb long shutter photos of the northern lights – and you got stars as well!! Fantastic.
    Was it seals feeding in the ice palace?
    And fab shot of the mountain and sky relfected in the lake!
    Pretty students too – must be terrible for you… how can you put up with such hardship?!?!


    • Re: gorgeous piccies

      Yes, they were bearded seals at the “Polaria” attraction.

      I know.. it’s a tough job but someone has to do it. 🙂

      Well, they’re all off in the wild at the moment so I only have norwegian student midwives to talk with in the evenings at the moment.

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