The final day

Yes, it’s again the final day of a holiday down in Cornwall.

Dispite the weather forecasters saying that it’s going to be calm, sunny and warm it’s windy, cool and with watery sunshine through the milky blue hazy sky. Still, it did give me an opportunity to take my 1:25000 OS map and try to follow some footpaths.

Erm, ok, trying to follow marked paths and failing was a better description. The first path/bridle path I tried was so torn up by horses’ hooves and puddle riddlen that it would be impassible without wellies. The second footpath I tried to find wasn’t marked. I then walked around on the road to where the path should come out and found a sign (woo-hoo!), followed it and found that the “footpath” actually followed the bed of a stream. Hmmm. I tried yet another footpath with a road sign.. for the first 200 yards it was fine, and then it entered another farm’s land and it disappeared. On one side of the cornish hedge was a set of steps going up but on the other side they had gone. Add to this walls or fences across the path and you get the picture. After that I gave up and walked back.

I did manage to give my Dad the opportunity to get out of the house on his own for a little walk earlier in the day by keeping an eye on my Mum for him. There is absolutely no way he can do so normally as my Mum needs supervision constantly in case she get confused or hurts herself. My trips down here are definitely a great respite for my Dad.