Well, it arrived.

My new Nikon D200 camera finally arrived on Thursday afternoon, but not without more “fun” with couriers.

Dixons finally shipped the camera Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning, when I checked the DHL tracking site, it had already reached Oxford. At 9:30am it was out for delivery.. So I was on tenter hooks all day looking out for the DHL delivery person until 3:30pm when the tracking web site suddenly said that the parcel was back “In Transit.”

Thursday morning, seeing that the package was still “In Transit” and not “Out for Delivery” I phoned up DHL, got the local DHL office phone number and phoned them up. It turned out that the driver had fallen ill and had returned with the parcel to the depot. However, because the driver was still off ill they didn’t know if they’d get the parcel delivered until he got back to work. So, the parcel was really and truely in the driver’s Transit! Anyway, the woman on the phone said that she’d see what she could do.

Anyway, the good news is that it finally turned up at 3pm and I got to play with it a little before I had to go home.