SAAB review

Well, this afternoon I had a 30 minute drive in the new 9-3.

The version I drove was the 2.0t ARC model. It’s 175bhp, that’s 25bhp more than my current, old model 9-3 SE 2.0 light pressure turbo.

My impression was that the new model is very nice, it’s more comfortable, has better brakes, definitely better suspention and steering. However, in spite of the 25bhp greater power, it seemed SLOWER than my current car with far less “woosh!” The engine is far too sanitised and just doesn’t have any real punch. Admittedly the car I drove only had about 400 miles on the clock so the engine was still quite tight. However, my car had more “woosh” when it had 12 miles on the clock, the day I picked it up.

The new car does seem more cosetting.. which for a sports saloon is not necessarily a good thing as it take you away from the driving experience somewhat.

Anyway, it’s not as if I’ll be buying a new car soon.


anyone else remember the Palitoy Barnstormer Stunt Kite from the late 1970’s?
There seems to be no mention of it anywhere on the net.. maybe it was merely
a figment of my imagination.

Vroom, vroom!

morning through the post came an invitation to a SAAB 9-3 Sport Saloon launch
promotional thing happening. So, earlier today i phoned up and booked a slot..
I get to drive one for an hour, get fed some snacks and probably get some
nice promotional freebies. Not that I’m looking to change my car for the
next 8 years or so, but if they’ve invited me to play with their new toy,
who am I to turn them down?

Of course, this has changed all my plans
for tomorrow. I’m still going to have to come into work and install a RAID
array on our server at 10am.. I’m just not sure I’ll be able to get to Witney
and get a haircut and still be back at Oxford SAAB by 2:30pm. I guess it
would be possible, thinking about it, assuming the barber isn’t too full
of school kids having their hair cut. Then again, they should have gone through
that last weekend, before term started.


Whilst cycling in I often have strange wandering thoughts and this morning’s cycle was no exception.. I thought..

Where’s the scientific and technological magic these days?

In the 60’s ’til the mid-70’s it was the space race and nuclear physics.

In the late 70’s to the late 80’s it was computers and space probes such as Voyager, Guiotto etc.

In the mid 90’s was the Internet and the mobile phone (in popular culture).

there seem to be only minor improvements coming along, no breakthrough science,
no knowledge expanding space probes. There’s no magical gosh! wow! things
coming up, it’s all old hat.

A great deal of the cause of the lack
of discovery etc., in my opinion, is caused by governments and people becoming
far too cautious and penny pinching only “investing” in the short term and
short sighted.

That’s better!

after going to bed at 8:30pm last night, reading for a bit I slept like a
log (well other than waking up once in the middle of the night sweating like
a pig, feeling hot and shivering).

Anyway, I’m totally better today. Just a little bit of tiredness.

Today at work has been one of those days where you do a lot of things but seem from the TODO list to have done nothing. Oh well.

not talked recently about life in general. Well, life is going on. It’s neither
good nor bad, just is. My emotional state is calm and non-descript.. basically
unemotional. I’m neither happy nor sad. I seem to have little or no drive
of any kind.

I’ll leave you with a rather depressing thought…

    If life is like a bowl of cherries, if you leave it for a month it’ll be all mushy and mouldy!

    If life is what you make it, where do you get to learn the skills in life making and what happens to your prototypes?


Churn, churn, churn again.

last night, just after getting to bed my belly decided that sleeping wasn’t
what it wanted to do and strated getting restless.. Let’s say that since
then it’s felt like it’s pretending to be a washing machine, churning around
endlessly (with slight cramps). I hoped that once I’d gone to the loo this
morning that things would quieten down, but no. Oh well.

Anyway, I
managed to get the car washed (despiting having to go down the local DIY
place to get a replacement hoselock tape adaptor as someone had knicked mine
from the tape outside) and the laundry done. I also watched the Grand Prix,
though fell asleep at the end. Oh and I’m now half way through the complete
Lord of the Rings.. so far it’s taken me 3 weeks on and off of bedtime reading
plus much of the weekends.