The end of one week and the beginning of another.

seem to be getting some sort of social life, mostly revolving around one
of the postgrads, John Hillier, his girlfriend, Katie, and the people they
rent rooms out to.

Thursday evening I went out with them to see Signs, the new Mel Gibson film.
Now, I’ll try not to spoil it for those reading this who haven’t seen the
film but I’ll give my opinion of it. Well, the characterisations were fine,
the emotions shown seemed genuine. However, the message of the film, faith
is important and everything happens for a reason, including the bad things
was put over as subtile as (to paraphrase Douglas Adams) having your brains
smashed out with a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick! Add
to this REALLY stupid aliens (if you’ve got a problem with being disolved
by water, why invade a planet that’s 2/3rds covered by the stuff and has
the stuff falling from the skies and walk around naked without an environment
suit?! Oh, and if you’re stealth technology is so good that you can’t be
seen at all by day, why leave the lights on so your ships can be seen at
night?! Oh, and wouldn’t it be a good idea to learn how to get out of closets?)
and I’m afradi I couldn’t suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy the film.

Anyway, Friday night was uneventful.

Saturday was a mixture of the normal domestic duties with the addition of
taking some old computer junk down to the local “recycle centre” where I
asked if I may remove an old OnDitigal box from the computer skip and was
told no, ‘cos they didn’t want to be sued because of the possibility of it
being electrically dangerous.. and I couldn’t smuggle it out either. (In
the same place were such delights as a ZX Spectrum 3, an original PowerMAC
and an Amiga 500.. poor things.. they’ll be removed from the recycling part
(read refurbishment and resale) and crushed in the landfill to become archeological
artifacts in centuries to come.

The evening was spent at John and Katie’s place being sociable with an evening
dedicated to the leaving of one of their housemates and the arrival of two

Sunday morning was spent in bed reading the end of The Hobbit. That’s taken
me a little over a week.. a far thinner book than The Lord of the Rings and
definitely a children’s book in the language used but the story itself was
far more grown up, though you could tell that the form of Middle Earth had
as yet not been fully formed in the mind of J.R.R.Tolkien.

Seeing as the weather was so nice I decided to go out in the afternoon. I
popped up to one of the places where the Ridgeway meets a road, parked and
took a nice long walk with my camera taking pictures of the scenery. I managed
to see a field vole scamper into the grass.. about 15-20 pheasant, mostly
males, walking ahead of me on the path, disturbed by other walkers before
I could get a good photograph, oh well. I wish people would stay out of my
way in the country, it spoils the whole thing as they scare the wildlife.

The evening was spent watching telly, finally retiring to my bed at around midnight after watching Sharpe on UK Gold.