Churn, churn, churn again.

last night, just after getting to bed my belly decided that sleeping wasn’t
what it wanted to do and strated getting restless.. Let’s say that since
then it’s felt like it’s pretending to be a washing machine, churning around
endlessly (with slight cramps). I hoped that once I’d gone to the loo this
morning that things would quieten down, but no. Oh well.

Anyway, I
managed to get the car washed (despiting having to go down the local DIY
place to get a replacement hoselock tape adaptor as someone had knicked mine
from the tape outside) and the laundry done. I also watched the Grand Prix,
though fell asleep at the end. Oh and I’m now half way through the complete
Lord of the Rings.. so far it’s taken me 3 weeks on and off of bedtime reading
plus much of the weekends.