The night before last I decided to go for the free upgrade Zen Internet were offering to go from their 512Kb/s ADSL to the new “Max” product which is a variable speed ADSL depending upon what your line is capable. There is a 20GB per month traffic cap but I’m never going to reach that.

It turns out that this was actually surprisingly quick and painless. After filling out the web form that was that. I got a number of e-mails from Zen stating that it’d take 5-7 days, then at the end of yesterday that the regrade would happen today between 8am and midnight. This morning I find that I’m up and running.

Just to show how bad my line is though, the maximum stable speed my ADSL modem will sync at for the downstream is 2.8Mb/s with a signal to noise ratio margin of a mere 4dB! I think you can see why I’ll never get to that 20GB/month downloa