A slow day. Not much to report other than grey skies and a bit of breaze.

The only thing of note was on the way back from the tip^H^H^Hrecycling centre we went past Goonhilly Downs Earth Station to see how the demolition of Aerial 2 was going.. it’s down to a pile of grey I beams now. It seems a bit like sacrelige to destroy that dish. That and (the now preserved) Aerial 1 were two landmarks which made Goonhilly what it was. It’s like knocking down one tower of Tower Bridge. THe coming and going of the other dishes makes no difference, just the first two from the mid-60s, the pioneering days. Oh well, there’s now only one left. Oh, and even the “Telstar Cafe” across the road has changed its name. Obviously the “bright, exciting future” is all in the past now.