Easter Monday

Yet another late morning, but hey, it’s a holiday. 🙂

Early afternoon I set off for a little walk with my camera. I decided to start where I finished yesterday and so walked down the bridle path I’d walked up before down to Polurrian Cove and then headed south along the coast path.

When I got to Mullion Cove it was still only just gone 2pm so I decided that rather than head back along the road I’d continue along the path and hoped to meet up with the path which goes to Predannack Farm.

A couple of miles later I was sure that I’d missed the turning so headed back for another mile to the junction of two paths and headed inland. It was quite interesting trying to traverse one bit of trackway which passed through an old quarry as it was extremely boggy ground with a huge puddle on the road itself. To one side of the trackway was some higher follage so I tried to walk along it… it turned out to be moss which hardly held my weight.. a rather precarious and bouncy experience.

At the end of the track I met a junction between a road and another footpath which looked to be going in the right direction so that it would cut off a large chunk of ground and seeing as by this time it was half past three I chose that route. It was quite a nice walk, mostly along a sort of hollow way and was obviously an ancient right of way, passing a stone cross at one place. The stone stiles were in varying degrees of delapitation and all of them were a potential death trap, but I survived. It was only in one point where there were no stepping stones over a small stream where I got my shoes a bit wet and that was as I almost reached the village and looked as if the reason had been due to agricultural destruction of the previous stone path over the stream.

Anyway, although it seemed like a long walk, in the end, looking at the map, it turns out that the whole thing was amere 5 miles, the same distance as from my house to the city centre. How strange it is that distances seem so different when you’re walking country paths.