April already

Where has the year gone? Oh well.

Atleast at work most of the stupidity about spending the HEFCE-3 funds has gone away, there’s just the small matter of helping Vogon International recover the 3TB of data which got lost when two twin RAID arrays went belly up at the same time.

Vogon’s supposed to be one of the global leaders in data recovery but the simple task of getting data that they’ve recovered off their disks and onto a set of Solaris SPARC UFS partitions has defeated them so they’re putting the data onto tape and lending us a tape drive. It seems that they can only cope properly with Windows. :-/

More work for me.

As for other life things, well, I’ve been playing with my new camera a bit, though not as much as I’d like due to weather and stuff. I’ve been going to a pub quiz on Thursday nights. Not a lot else, really.

I’m looking forward to Easter. I’m having a one week break during which I hope I’ll be able to recharge my batteries enough to cope with the coming summer term. I’m definitely feeling run down at the moment and seem to have little energy.