Time for an update?

Well, it seems that I’ve not posted anything on here for nearly a month. So, what’s been happening?

Well, my parents have visited, I’ve worked lots and last Saturday I went to a party in London, popping into the Apple Store in Regents Street on the way.

The party was for John and Stephen Hillier, their 30th birthdays. I bought them a glass tankard each from “Engraving4U” on the net and had “I’m a Thirsty Something” etched onto them. The party itself was held in the events room of a pub near Borough tube station and was a jolly nice party, though there wasn’t any dancing this time.

That’s about it really. Other than my iBook is now running Leopard (MacOS 10.5) and I’ve ordered a new MacBook Pro which may arrive in early December, if I’m lucky.