Summer hols days 4 & 5 (and a bit of 6)

Well, Tuesday was a lovely day. We went off down to Coverack and wandered along the sea front. After this we popped up to the Roskilly Farm for some ice cream.. yum. (That farm was where we used to park our caravan for holidays in the 1980s before we moved down. Also, Mr. Roskilly was an acquantance of my parents as he was a friend of the Roberts family in who’s farm (Little Trevovan) we used to stay during holidays in the late 60s and very early 70s.)

Yesterday started poorly. Basically it was dull and very wet, mostly drenching drizzle. However, in the afternoon it cleared up and the sun came out so I took a nice drive around the peninsular via Penzance, (almost) Lands End, St.Just and St.Ives before returning back via Penzance and Helston.

This morning has been a washout. Heavy, persistant rain and it’s been really dark and dreary. Apparently it’s supposed to clear up but the end of the afternoon.

This summer reminds me of the summers of the 1970s (except for 1976) where you had to pick your way around the rain to do things on your holiday. Having picnics in the car sitting in a seaside park park watching the rain tumble down and the waves crashing on the beach was quite common. I remember thinking in ’76, “Wow, we’ve got up to 25C, that’s the same as the average temperature as Africa” during a geography lesson and The Sun proclaiming “Phew! What a Scorcher!” when the temperature got into the 80s F. Of course, today we think of 25C as a normal average day in the summer and it’s not news until the temperature gets into the 90s F. We’ve definitely been spoilt over the last 10-20 years with the warm summer weather!