I was a TV star….NOT!

Well, on the final of The National Lottery People’s Quiz earlier today they did actually use some of the footage taped at the pub quiz a number of weeks ago and, yes, I didn appear in the shots.. at the back for about 2 seconds in total. Woohoo! Not exactly a starring role.

My friends in the audience did manage to get a lot more airtime but I only spotted Anvita, Sam and Andrea and couldn’t see Sion and Andy. However, the large sheet with the Queen Victoria’s Truncheon picture on it did, somehow, get shown quite a lot in the audience shots!

Anyway, this brings my total TV airtime now to around 10 seconds, the other 8 were in a TSW news report on the Camborne School of Mines Geothermal Energy Project where I was shown twiddling the knob on an oscilloscope (while in a further shot the geophysicist was show working the computer.. dunno how that happened).