It was 20 years ago today…

On this day in 1986 a momentous happening occured:

The SEND command was removed from use on the original EUCLID system by
University College Computer Centre.

The SEND command was used greatly by the undergraduate community via the
MISC.YAP and POOL.GOODYAP talking programs and it was a hard blow to us
hacker types.

So, independently, Alec and I wrote within the day basic replacements for
the talking programs which no-longer worked. I produced POOL.CONVERSE and
Alec POOL.CONFLAB. Subsiquent to this first day, we got together, along with
Robert Newson and made our programs work together. The final upshot of this
was the development of Bullet about 18 months afterward (after much talking
in the Pi office.).

So celebrate and make merry!

This was previously posted in the notices folder on Bullet earlier this afternoon.