Well, this weekend started with the aborting of a trip to Reading to see a film with Grim, Alec and Holly due to a lack of any good films being on and Holly being too shattered to go out.

Saturday, however, went to plan. The morning was taken up with the normal weekend shopping trip into town and to Sainsbury’s. Just after 4pm I left for the flat warming party in London I had been invited to. The traffic was OK so, with the help of my GPS until I arrived outside the flat at about 6pm. (Though in the final stages the GPS unit was a bit of a pain as it would tell me to turn either too soon or too late which meant that I did about three circles of the little area before finding the place.)

It was a good party. Soon after I had arrived one of the guests sitting out on the balcony was overheard saying to one of the other women there, “Sorry, I can’t fit your number on my phone, the memory’s too full of porn. Yes, you did here me right.” Which is not a usual think to hear at a party. This same woman, when about to leave decided that everyone needed to see her breasts and so pulled down her top and pressed them against the window. Apparently, she goes through some extrovert periods and was in one of them this weekend.

Anyway, that was all the real debauchary, unless you include salsa dancing.

I left the flat, giving a lift to two of the guests to Marylebone, at about 2:15am (BST) or should it have been by then 1:15am GMT? Anyway.. it was at about that time. The GPS unit decided that I should drive through Westminster and up Regent’s Street. That was a very stupid thing for it to do as the whole place was heaving with people, drunks, stupid drivers (and a couple of wrecked Mercedes, one with at least one wheel missing).

Still, I managed to get home at about 4:30am(BST) and went to bed.

Sunday was a bit of a null day as I was shattered by the late night before.

So, it’s now Monday evening. I’m still a bit tired, so it’s now off to bed.