Stuff and nonsense.

So, what have I been up to since my last outing on this ‘blog thingy whatsit doodah?

Well, I spent 4 days on a course in Cambridge studying the Exim mail transfer program, being stuffed with good food by Robinson College and having a good time with similarly geeky sysadmins from UKC and Lancs, many of which were involved with the old Hensa/lancs.pdsoft archives.

Last week I was just trying to keep awake due to not sleeping well once the humidity went through the roof. Oh, and at work I was getting some machines ready so that one of our researchers could move up to Leeds.

This weekend was pretty well a wash out due to sinusitis which started on Friday evening. I spent most of yesterday afternoon sleeping with the telly watching the Grand Prix for me.

So, what are my plans for this week?

Well, other than continuing to prepare for the trip to Tromso (such as sorting out the medical travel card thingy and ordering a GPS unit), it’s work, work, work. The techical person from Q Associates is coming in to commission the expansion of our cluster. The additional 24 dual dual-core Sun galaxy x86_64 machines will more than double the processing power.