Apple MacBook.. a step in the wrong direction.

There’s a review of the new Apple MacBook notebook (not laptop as Apple now say that you shouldn’t use it on your lap) over at Ars Technica [via Slashdot]. I’m not at all impressed.

From the review the new machine is bigger than the old iBook G4 12″ and has a shorter battery life. Not only this but it has a keyboard, which looks as though it was developed by Casio, and a horrid glossy screen (similar to the current generation of Sony Vaio). Oh, and it costs about £100 more as well.

Yes, it’s faster than the old iBook, but for me that’s the least of the features I’d want for such a machine. The old machine was compact, ran cool and had a decent enough screen which could be used outdoors even in the sunshine to some degree.

The new glossy screen, if it’s anything like a Vaio’s, is a very poor replacement. In the lab where I had to help a user with the Vaio there are large windows on three sides and flourescent lights, this made it almost impossible to read the display due to the multiple light sources at or near head height. If you took this machine outside you’d probably get a very good view of your face and what’s behind you but very little of what you actually want to look at.

The new machine also runs hot.. it’s reported that the CPU runs at over 80C and it will roast your thighs if you try to use it on your lap. This is just nasty.

It’s a very great pity that my inheritance didn’t come through sooner as then I could have bought a properly configured iBook from the Apple HE store which would have been ideal for my trip to Norway in September. Now I’ll have to start thinking again.

I knew the keyboard reminded me of something.. it’s the old Newbrain.