Googling the Earth

Well, it seems that in the last few days that Google Earth has added high resolution images of my old home town of Bedford and the villages I grew up in….

  • The house I grew up in (Houghton Conquest), 52 03′ 35.01″N 0 28′ 38.34W
  • Secondary School (Rushmoor School), 52 08′ 38.44″N 0 28′ 55.99″W
  • And the house I lived while studying for my ‘A’ levels (Wood End Lane, Pertenhall), 52 16′ 52.51″N 0 24′ 40.71″W

It’s surprising what you can see even if the resolution isn’t as high as many places, such as Rachel and Graham’s house, Ramtops (51 20′ 00.13N 0 50′ 27.41″W) where you can see individual cars.

The docks at Portsmouth are quite detailed.. you can see HMS Victory in its dry dock along with the mothballed HMS Intrepid and HMS Fearless, the old assault ships, moored next to HMS Ark Royal.

It’s a pity that the high resolution swaths don’t include Oxford, or Alec’s house or the school I studied my ‘A’ levels at (Kimbolton School), which is based in the castle Catherine of Aragon was detained in. Maybe they’ll come later