I spent most of the weekend trying and failing to wake up.

Dispite the lovely weather outside I just felt so shattered on both Saturday and Sunday that I couldn’t force myself outside the house other than to do the shopping.

I did force myself to move a lot of stuff I’m brought back from Cornwall up into the loft though, so the weekend wasn’t a total loss. I did also try to recover my old data from the Atari ST’s old hard disk but failed dismally. The old disk is the one which originally came inside the TT but I replaced it about 10 years ago when it got sticktion problems. It was good enough for use with the ST, however as I could shake the box it was in to start it. However, when I tried it out on Saturday it didn’t work well, or much at all. I got it spinning but a bad block analysis showed that about a third of the blocks were dead. Looks like I’d have to start again if I wanted to revive programming on that platform.. and I just can’t be bothered.

And so, now it’s Monday morning. It’s cold, wet and a whole lot of no fun… and I’m still tired.