Parks life

There were loads of people in the University Parks.

There were three telescopes in operation using filters and one with a projections screen, along with various posters and things.

The queues for the direct observation telescopes were rather long, so I just haddled around the projection telescope.

The weather on the Sun today is clear and calm with only a few small spots.

transit? Where?!

This morning I tried the old pin-hole camera trick to view the transit of venus.. I failed.

I could either get a very small image of the sun on which I could see nothing or a larger, far more dim image which was far too dim to see anything on. Oh well.

I think I’ll pop over to the University Parks in a bit to see if I can find the public viewing thingy they’re having.

Summer cleaning

OK, I missed spring, OK?!

This was the first useful weekend since Easter I’ve had the chance of doing much in the way of really good house work. It’s amazing how filthy a house can get when you have visitors and can’t get to do things.

Anyway, I’ve started on the mamoth job. For a start I washed out the fridge, the kitchen worktops and the tiles along with hoovering and stuff. I still have plenty to do such as washing the kitchen floor and de-icing the freezer though.

Saturday I also managed to get to the barber to get a hair cut. I’ve not had a chance to do that since about mid March so there was quite a bit to get cut off.

Other than those things I did very little over the weekend. On Saturday I was feeling really shattered through lack of a decent sleep since about Wednesday night. I was basically in a daze and forgot loads of things when I went to Sainsbury’s to do my shopping.

Anyway, today is the start of another week.. and the weather is projected to be unbarably hot. Oh well.

Hairy Potter

Well, I enjoyed the film and the food afterwards.

Grim, Holly and Matt all enjoyed it too but had far more to say about it ‘cos they’ve read the books, which I have not.

Anyway, nice evening out.

Now I think I’ll trundle off to bed and try to sleep.

Laptop mini-review

Good points:-

  • Not as big as I thought.
  • Not as heavy as I thought.
  • Everything works well under Windows (as expected).
  • Most things work nicely under Linux with a little tweeking.
  • The screen is pretty decent (though not as good as the really high priced standalone LCD displays).
  • In normal usage it doesn’t get very warm, especially in powersave mode.
  • It’s flippin fast in performance mode!
  • The keyboard’s nice.
  • The touchpad works well.

Bad points:-

  • The fan when it does come on is quite loud.
  • They didn’t include Bluetooth chip but left the (now useless) bluetooth button on the machine. (This is the top of the range model in the UK.)
  • Stand-by, suspend and hibernate don’t work under Linux.
  • The power supply cable (manufactured by Lite-On) is big and bulky.
  • The power cable has a right-angled plug but the power socket is on the back of the machine. This causes the cable to obscure the parallel port and makes it all too easy to accidently pull the cable from the socket when moving the machine.
  • The 3-in-1 SD/MMC/Memory Stick interface is not supported under Linux at all. (It uses the I2C bus attached to the ISA bus as it’s part of the Winbond monitoring chip.)
  • The Intel softmodem is only supported under the 2.4.x kernel by the Intel drivers.