Summer cleaning

OK, I missed spring, OK?!

This was the first useful weekend since Easter I’ve had the chance of doing much in the way of really good house work. It’s amazing how filthy a house can get when you have visitors and can’t get to do things.

Anyway, I’ve started on the mamoth job. For a start I washed out the fridge, the kitchen worktops and the tiles along with hoovering and stuff. I still have plenty to do such as washing the kitchen floor and de-icing the freezer though.

Saturday I also managed to get to the barber to get a hair cut. I’ve not had a chance to do that since about mid March so there was quite a bit to get cut off.

Other than those things I did very little over the weekend. On Saturday I was feeling really shattered through lack of a decent sleep since about Wednesday night. I was basically in a daze and forgot loads of things when I went to Sainsbury’s to do my shopping.

Anyway, today is the start of another week.. and the weather is projected to be unbarably hot. Oh well.