Men in a hurry

night I went out to see Men in Black II. Before I get to the film, however,
I’ll talk about the other things surrounding the visit.

The whole
idea of the trip, other than to see the film, was to meet up and see again
Katie and Sam (seeing as I see john around the department a great deal already)
as I’d not seen them for over a month. The “planned” pub thing didn’t happen
on Sunday either etc. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was told that
Sam didn’t want to come to the cinema.. which is slightly disappointing but
OK. When i picked up Katie from thier house on the way to the cinema Sam
wasn’t around.. when we returned Sam’s car had returned but when Katie noticed
this she said that she was feeling tired and so would like to postpone looking
at the photos she had wanted to show me eariler.

I’m getting a little bit paranoid about this.. probably undeservedly.

back to the film.. It was very short! The whole programme started at 8:45
and we were out of the cinema by 10:15.. so that’s 1.5 hours for adverts,
trailers and film.. so I guess the film can be only about 1 hour 15 minutes
in length, if that! It was quite fun, though it did seem to be rather a quick
remake of the first one but with a lot cut out and different aliens inserted.