Is there anything but work?

I’ve been so busy at work this week it’s been a total blur. I can’t place what I’ve done when.

I do know that I managed to get out and have a drink with one of the postgrads who has handed in his thesis on Tuesday, but only for an hour or so.

I s’pose I’d better think about going and doing the washing/washing up and clearing up in a minute. What an exciting life I lead, eh? 🙂

I have had some weird dreams this week though. I can’t remember the details so much but they all seem to be set in either the village I grew up in (Houghton Conquest, mid Bedfordshire) or the county town (Bedford). It seems that mentally I never left there even if I did physically 20 years ago. The night before last included walking along the High Street of the village along with a number of people who are postgrads in the department I work. Last nights included catching a bus from the Bedford bus station after buying things in some shops there. All very strange.

At least the dreams aren’t disturbing.