Fire alarm.

We’ve just had a fire alarm go off in the dept.. which meant I had to stand outside for 20 minutes wearing just as t-shirt ‘cos I was out of the office at the time.. now I’m chilly.

Still, it made the day more interesting.

Mid-week blues.

It’s a dull and boring day today, I’m just waiting for a number of things to come back from vendors (information) and rebooting our main server when it decides to go catatonic, which it’s done twice this morning. The weather’s on the decline a bit too.

Still, I’ve got tomorrow evening’s 10th anniversary at Oxford dinner to look forward to. I’ve just got one reply outstanding before I can book the table with the correct number of people.

I totally failed to get the car washed last night as by the time I got home I was feeling so knackered that I just flopped on the sofa and dozed in front of the telly all evening. It’ll have to wait ’til Saturday morning at least now as tonight will be taken up with talking to parents on the phone and doing video recording for a friend who hasn’t got Sky. Tomorrow evening I’m out having dinner and Friday is the normal happy hour stuff so God knows when I’ll get home after that.