Fashion? Who needs it.

Having got bored and flicked across the channels on the telly I ended up laughing at Fashion TV again.

The more I see of this the more I see that no woman would ever wear anything on the cat walks in the street. After all, how many women would dare to go shopping wearing a translucent top and translucent skirt with no underwear? Or even just a translucent top in the same way. That’s what the fashion designers seem to think it the only thing women women will be wearing next summer.. literally! Surprisingly, it’s not only the male designers sending the models out in the revealing clothing with nought beneath.

The fashion industry has totally lost touch with reality and the rest of the population

It you’re reading this and are of the female gender, it would be interesting to hear your views on the matter.

Weekend mayhem.

The weekend turned out to be rather more expensive than I imagined. It started off ok. I went into town and popped into work to upgrade Samba. All went well.

I then went into town to buy some trousers to replace the pair which last monday got smeared with gear oil from another bike whilst I was parking my own in the departmental bike racks. (Sainsbury’s Novon washing powder failed to remove the oil after three full washes at 90C). That was £35 out of the bank.

I saw that Electronic Boutique had Half-life for sale at £9.99 and so I bought that. It had at last come down to a price I think is reasonable for games. Don’t get me started on the time when £5.99 was concidered the upper bound for games software pricing.

I then popped into Sainsbury’s at Hayford Hill. I usually get my money out on a Saturday for the whole week. It was a great pain, therefore that all the cash machines decided that although they knew who I was and that my PIN was correct that they wouldn’t offer me any services at all, simply telling me that “This service is temporarily unavailable.” Hmmm.. :-/ It’s a good thing the tills still thought my card was fine.

Anyway, Saturday evening was spent playing Half-Life.. ’til 2am when I noticed the time. oops!

Sunday morning was spent sleeping. At about 1pm I went out hunting for car wax and various other things to give my car it’s 1st birthday wash and brush-up. On the way back I popped into Sainsbury’s and this time the cash machines weren’t as snooty.

So, it was about 2:15pm.. I thought I’d have plenty of time to wash the car before the sun went down.. I got out the hose, started the washing process, then… Sploosh! The hose buldges and explodes half way along its length.

So it was a case of packing everything away, washing hands, getting changed and off out to Homebase to buy a new hose and reel.. That was another £50 out the bank.

By the time I got back home, assembled the complicated Hoselock hose reel and got everything ready to start the wash it was now 3:30pm and the sun was sinking fast.

By the time I’d washed the car, dried it, chamois leathered it and got the wax on it was now 4:30pm and the light had almost gone.. By the time I had finished getting the wax off again it had totally gone.

Looking this morning there are some obvious places I missed. Oh well. It’s surprising I did as well as I did with the lack of light

Anyway, by the time I’d finished I was aching from all the “Wax on. Wax off.” (If you don’t know the reference, don’t worry.)