Lindsey’s “Hag” weekend

This weekend I travelled up to Liverpool to attend Lindsey (and her fiancee’s) combined stag and hen party.

The drive up there was a bit of a pain as the M6 from junction 14 to 19 was, well, intermittent is probably the best word to use. Sometimes it was a road at others it was merely a car park. Anyway, I finally arrived at about 3pm on Saturday.

It was a fun evening, mostly due to Lindsey’s friend Janey who made a great effort with fun and games, though nothing debauched. We all finally got to bed by 3am.

Sunday morning started around 9am with a trip down to a park for “whiskey and doughnuts” where we got thoroughly chilled by the brisk breeze.

Following more natter in the basement and a visit to a local Subway sandwich shop it was time to come home again.

Today I’ve been recovering from all the driving and the lack of sleep. I managed to make it through the morning, driving to Banbury to buy some replacement ADSL line filters and visiting Sainsbury’s, but this afternoon instead of attacking the garden I just crashed on my bed and slept for a couple of hours straight.

Anyway, I think I’ll start attacking the garden tomorrow evening instead and have an early night tonight.