Well, well, well…

I never thought I’d see, or rather hear this.

I was flicking around the music channels on Sky and happened by Kerrang. After listening for a couple of seconds to the song I thought I recognised the theme, but it definitely wasn’t from any heavy rock song… I was sure I was wrong, it couldn’t be.. it’s not Neil Diamond’s “Solitary Man” which my mum plays on her old Neil Diamond Greatest Hits cassette. But it was!

Yes, a band called “Him” have done a cover of this Neil Diamond song from the late 60’s. Of course, they’re dressed it up a little in rock clothes, but not much. It just seemed a bit inconguous that a band who’s lead singer seems to model himself on Marilyn Manson would be doing a lightly made over cover of such an “easy listening” song.

Well, well. I’m sure we’ll get a Bing Crosby ballad made over as an urban beat soon. Anyone for Eminem singing “White Christmas?” Or maybe a rap take on “Inch Worm?”