Perfect timing?

My Palm Pilot Pro just upped and died. :-/

I was about to check something I’d put on my Pilot before I went home and found that it wouldn’t switch on. “OK,” I thought. The batteries were down to about 50% a few days ago so they may have just run out.

However, when I got home and swapped out the batteries there was no change. I tried hitting the reset button.. nothing different except the backlight came on and stayed on. And that’s as far as it went.

Let’s hope the Handspring arrives tomorrow so I have a working Palm device again.

You’ll be glad to hear…

nothing about PDAs in this posting.

The planned video evening with Kat this evening has been called off due to her being forced to go out and drink. She had suggested retiming the event but as my parents arrive for a week and a bit’s visit tomorrow, this isn’t really going to happen.

Saturday’s going to be another family one with my aunt and uncle arriving from Enfield. The only fly in the ointment with this is the possibility that the new parking restrictions in my area will be in force. This will only be the case if there’s an event going on at the Kassam Stadium, but as the council doesn’t see fit to tell the residence when events are going to happen we have to take pot luck.

If there is an event, I’m going to have to try to clear up my garage enough to allow my dad to get the car mostly into it so that my uncle may be able to squeeze his car onto my drive.

What a pain.