Weather Cropredy will be fine or not..

seeing the weather forcast for the rest of the week last night rather put
a dampener on expectations for the Cropredy music festival this year.

things go, Thursday doesn’t seem too bad with some showers, similarly, Friday.
However, Saturday is supposed to be the day a big low pressure system sweeps
in from the atlantic depositing copious amounts of rain over southern Britain
and blowing a gale. Oh, and the temperatures are going to plummet to autumnal
levels too.

Now, I can see that this may generate a few problems for
a festival held in fields with people camping in tents. I can see that tents
will be becoming kites, and the fields becoming mud baths due to people not
knowing how to drive properly on soft ground and churning the whole thing

It was bad enough last year and then the ground was only soft and it only rained on the last day, really.

as I live only half an hour’s drive away, I may not bother with the camping
experience and drive home at night and arrive back again early the next morning,
at least for Friday night/ Saturday morning. It all depends upon the weather.