Sunday, sunday.

Last night’s house warming was good. Got home at about 1:30am.

Unfortunately, I woke up at 7:30am as I would on a normal work day, and couldn’t get back to sleep. Oh well.

I dozed and watched telly a bit then noticed it had started raining and it was too late to wash the car. So, I rummaged through the video draw and pulled out “Labyrinth” and watched it, fast forwarding through David Bowie’s cringe inducing dance routines.

So, it was lunchtime, talked to my parents on the phone as usual, made some doorstep chicken roll sandwiches and ate them.

Why is there so little to watch on telly on a raining Sunday afternoon?

More rummaging and other videos were watched, finished off by “Contact” with an intermission for Scrapheap Challenge. So, at least there’s one decent programme.

The Channel 4 “100 Greatest Films” programme is reasonably entertaining, though a little content-less.

Back to work tomorrow morning, I suppose.