WordPress 3.0

This evening I updated the site to WordPress version 3.0. I must admit that I can’t see much of a difference at the moment and none of the stuff shown in the video seems to have appeared. Maybe it needs a restart or something?

The countdown continues

Well, it’s just over 15 days now until I give up wearing trousers. Everything’s in place.

After talking with Jemima at lunchtime the last issue I’ve been worrying about has been put to rest. Thank-you Jemima!

I’m just hoping that July isn’t too warm. Last night I had a full test-run by changing into the full outfit as soon as I got home. I discovered the best way to wear both the belt and the sporran together without them getting in the way of each other and I practised sitting down and making sure I don’t flash anyone. (I have a feeling though that there is no way of not doing so when getting on and off the bike, however briefly.) The one real discovery, however, was how very warm the long socks and kilt are together. If the weather is anything more than the low to mid 20C’s I’m going to melt!

So, what is there to do now? Well, I may look for a purse to hold my change in the sporran as it’s difficult fishing coins out from the crevices. Other than that nothing other than wait for the challenge to start.