Christmas 07: Days 1 and 2

And so it begins…

Christmas is here once again. How did that happen? It doesn’t seem five minutes since the beginning of the winter term at work.Anyway, on with the holiday diary bit:

Saturday 22nd.
I started off from home at just after 10am and it was stil frosty. The GPS traffic warnings were showing problems with fog on the M4. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter any real fog on either the M4 or M5. By the time I’d got to Taunton services the external temperature had risen from freezing up to 12C, quite a shock to the system. Also by this point the car was fully encrusted by black salt throuwn up by other vehicles. You could hardly see the lights.

Firther along the journey the weather changed yet again and by Bodmin I was driving through torrential rain. Talk about changable weather! And by the time I’d reached my destination the rain had stopped and the sun was on the horizon. At least the rain had washed the salt off the car.

After dinner I set up the Wii and my Dad and I had a brief play.. this could be a good purchase for all those days where there’s nothing on the telly!

Sunday 23rd.
Not a ot to report about today, really. After getting up late we popped into Tesco’s in Helston to stock up for the week. The afternoon and evening were just lazy.