New server update…

Well, last night I got spamc working, re-installed Gallery2 and managed to get that to work and transferred all the albums into it from Gallery1 and also got the ADSL statistics working again. So now the only outstanding issue is the temperature monitoring, which is basically out of my hands as the nVidia nForce 5 chipset I2C bus controller isn’t supported by either the ACPI system or lm_sensors.

Tonight I have a whole load of cleaning and clearing up to do in preparation for my parents’ arrival on Thursday as I’m out at the monthly Oxford Uni sysadmin social tomorrow evening. I’m just going to have to set my DVR to record “Stargate SG-1” and “Battlestar Galactica” tonight while I do the chores (and get it to record “Stargate Atlantis” tomorrow evening as well).

Oh, and happy birthday to me… not that I have any presents to open or cake to eat. Oh well.