Buying stuff

Having determined that in about 6 months time I will be getting an amount of money as an inheretance and also having been asked by Lindsey to do her wedding photos for her in a couple of months time I’ve decided to release £2000 of my current savings for the purchase of photographic equipment.

In the past week I’ve placed a pre-order for a Nikon D200 camera body. That’s going to take just over half the allocated funds on its own, about £1200. This leaves £800 for everything else I’ll need for this job.

Today I splashed out on the best tripod/head combination I could afford, i.e. a Manfrotto 055MF3 magnesium/carbon fibre 3 section tripod and a 222 joystick ball head. Seeing as the only ones of these T4 cameras in Witney had were on display they gave me a nice £20 discount on their retail price. Still, the combo still cost a hefty £250. So I now have left £550 for a big camera/computer backpack (Crumpler Brian’s Hottub, probably about £120-130) and a good, fast lens for inside work, something about F2.8 should do (there’s a Sigma EX series lens which should suit at around £250 as I can’t afford the equivalent Nikon at ~£1000).