It’s Saturday morning and I’m in work.

I’ve just completed upgrading our Cisco 2600 router’s memory, flash memory and OS image and, thank goodness, it all works!

As for plans for the rest of the weekend, they’re an absolute blank. I made sure that today was left clear as i didn’t know how long the router upgrade might take if things went wrong. Tomorrow I just didn’t plan for.

This is the first weekend I’ve had at home alone since before Easter. This has mostly been due to my parents having to stay so as to take care of my uncle’s estate plus one weekend visiting Em and Jerry.

On another note, I’m being tempted to buy a new laptop. The one I have is fine as far as the actual machine itself is concerned. However, I’m finding the 800×600 resolution of the screen highly restrictive when trying to read today’s web pages etc. Unfortunately, you can’t just swap the screen out. Still, the machine is 3.5 years old, which in terms of PC’s is rather old.

The machine I’ve been tempted by is the Acer Aspire 1501LMi or maybe the 1502LMi. Athlon 64 goodness for about £1000, the same price as my old Travelmate 201T 3.5 years ago.

Still, I’m going to wait until my credit card bill comes so I can pay off the cost of my B5 DVDs before buying anything more.