I wonder…

if the white rocks showing near by to the Opportunity rover are anhydrite. (Scans currently show no silicate, hematite or quartz.)

Most people would know anhydrite by another name, plaster of paris (Calcium Sulphate). It’s basically dehyrated gypsum.

If it is indeed anhydrite then that would be a good case for the presence of water at one time or another with the Calcium Sulphate precipitating out when the water evaporated. Such deposites on Earth are created when ground water evaporates at the surface and in evaporating lakes.


Well, this weekend I…

(1) Discovered that my camera and flash will probably do a good enough job at John and Katie’s wedding so I’ll not have to buy any new, expensive kit.

(2) Finished filing all my papers from the boxes they had been sitting in. They are now all in the filing cabinet sorted by provenance.

(3) Did a load of washing.

(4) Had a fun, relaxing afternoon and evening at the Hartlands’.

(5) Tried playing the “Holomatch” mode of “Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force” and found it boring (after winning a couple of online games and getting almost bottom of the list in others).

(6) Replenished the washer fluid in my car’s windscreen washer bottle.

(7) Watched Saturday’s press conference about the Oportunity Rover rolling onto Mars’ surface on NASA TV.

Those items are in no particular order whatsoever.