Ahoy there Jim lad!

Well, I’m sure you recollect that on Saturday I posted a an entry stating that I’d been told that Orange were releasing the Treo 600 soon. Well, yesterday I decided to try to get information about the release from a few other mobile phone shops.

First I tried the other Orange Shop in Oxford, their reply after much whispering amoungst themselves was “late November.” I then tried Phones4U at which I got a blank expression and no answer at all. The Link admitted to me that they had no idea what I was talking about. So, there you go, they all probably have no more idea about the release date than I do! Or maybe less.. At least I’ve read the original press release of 17th September which states “October” and I have seen the Orange web site which states “Coming soon to PM” (Pay Monthly) and I also know that the cost will be in the region of £200-£300.

Anyway, now some social news. Tonight I saw Pirates of the Carribean with the bunch of now 4th year undergrads who have befriended me. Let’s say that if you can forget about history and the fact that pirating was at its height about 100 years before this seems to be set (from the ships and costume) and the use of the “word” “O.K.” close to the beginning of the film then it’s rollocking good swashbucking spoof fun. Pleasantly surprising for a Disney feature, especially based upon a theme park ride.

Now, off to bed. Night all.