Geek toys and other things…

Well, I discovered today that Orange are going to start selling the Handspring Treo 600 PDA/Phone on Monday. Me want toy! Me want toy! 😉

It’s about time I replaced my aging Palm Pilot Pro with something a little more up to date. I’ve always thought that combining the PDA with a phone was a good idea, especially if it was more a PDA with phone functionality rather than the other way around.

The other thing is that I saw the new Dido album (I won’t call it a CD as it has copy protection which violates teh Compact CD standard) in Sainsbury’s today below the magic price of £10. No album is worth more than this. Anyway, the album is DULL with a capital snooze. It sounds as if the muse has left her, so it’s a whole load of songs with extremely simple repetative melodies and not very clever lyrics. I think the record company was breathing down her neck to get a follow up album to “No Angel” out and this is the result. Try again!