Meanderings in space and time.

still on the busy side and it’s not being helped by outside suppliers who
want to install things starting at 4pm on a Monday afternoon on a day when
you’re hoping to go meet some friends for a social event. It also doesn’t
help whenSun’s sunsolve portal won’t authorise a login account for contrct
customers when given our contract code.

Other than this, a bad attack of sinusitis over the weekend when i wanted
to be happily socialising and my bike’s gear lever mechanism breaking on
the way home last night, things are fine.

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent with one set of friends in Reigate
watching videos, chilling out and watching other people’s fireworks. it was
good fun until the sinusitis hit half-way through the evening. With the help
of some paracetamol and careful driving, I managed to get home in one piece.
Sunday was a bit of a wash-out due to the pain and the drousiness the sinusitis
usally causes. I did manage to dismantle my coffee table and pack it waya.
Now my living room is less cluttered, though I don’t now have anywhere to
dump my cycle helmet etc. when I get home from work.

Last night, after I managed to get rid of the suppliers at 7:30pm, I sped
off to meet the friends I’d mentioned earlier, as it was Paul’s birthday,
a mere 24 he was. Anyway, after a rather nice lamb passanda and some good
comapny I was ready to cycle home. It was on the way home that something
went twang in the bike’s gear changer.. it felt like it was possibly a casting
breaking.. well that’s another 50 quid out the door then as you can only
buy these things in sets.

Anyway, highlights for the week now are, my parents arriving on Thursday
and staying ’til Monday morning. The 4 DVD Extended Edition of The Lord of
the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is released today and is on pre-order,
so that should hopefully arrive soon.

onwards and upwards, as they say…