T-6days and counting.

6 days to wait (hopefully) ’til my ADSL line is in operation. It’s like waiting
for Christmas. I never was very good at being patient.

Of course, once I do get it up and running it won’t be anywhere near as exciting
as it seems to be now. Once I’ve done all the configuration and it’s up and
running it’ll pass into being just one of the normal services I have, just
like digital telly did.

Anyway, this is still counting Chickens until BT have ok’ed the line and it’s all up and running.

the saga continues…

Well, my new D-Link ADSL/Ethernet modem arrived this morning. So, all that needs to happen before my link is active is the following:-

  1. I have to buy 3 phone line filters.
  2. BT have to test my line and give the OK.
  3. Nildram have to contact me and give me the details of the settings.
  4. Next Thursday the whole thing should go live.

I do hope that the line checks out otherwise I’ve spent lots of money on useless things.

ADSL update

I got an e-mail from Nildram this morning saying that they’ve confirmed my details (ie. it took them 1.5 days to check my switch card) and that they’ve ordered an ADSL upgrade on my phone line.

Apparently it’ll take BT 3-4 days to test my line to see if it will work.


I’ve just ordered ADSL for home.. Assuming the line is OK it means I have to spend another 70-80 quid on an ADSL/Ethernet modem and a few line filters.


I’ve made an appointment to see the dentist.. 2pm Friday.

I was surprised how quickly I could get an appointment seeing that the last time it took about 2 months prebooking.


I’ve now got WEP encryption working with the WiFi stuff.

Of course, WEP stands for “Wireless Encryption Protocol.” However, as lots of people know, the “W” should really stand for “Wowful” or “Weak” as it’s so easily broken.

It doesn’t help that I can’t get 128bit encryption working.

Nutty networking.

This afternoon I have been replacing my house network.

The original was a thin ethernet (coax) backbone with a single 3Com mini-hub acting as a media converter sitting in my front room with a couple of long cat 5 drop cables trailing around the edge of the room to get to my big machine and the place I usually use my laptop.

The new network is based upon a Netlink WiFi Router/Switch sitting in my spare room connected directly to my two SPARCstations and my main machine with a long cable trailing downstairs to the big machine in the living room. My laptop now has a Belkin WiFi PCMCIA card.

As for the WiFi card and Linux is concerned.. I plugged in the card, switched on the machine, it booted, if configured and it worked.. I was dead impressed with Mandrake 9.0’s support.. Though it does seem to be using the old Wavelan driver rather than the newer one.

The total cost of the hardware, including the cables was £222. The prices at PC World (other than for the cables) were surprisingly as good as I could get on the net.

All I need now is ADSL and an ADSL ethernet modem. 😉